who I am and what I want

I am a completely self-taught all-round artist with a strong affinity towards computergames, pen & paper rpg's and the fantasy, scifi and horror genre.


My work in the past has ranged from interiordesign, tv-set design, print and illustration to webdesign and 3d animations. These jobs have taken me into several positions such as creative director for a webagency, art director for a company doing interior and tv-set design and as freelancer for different agencies and clients.


I have experience in traditional arts as I have been drawing, painting and sculpting all my life.


I started learning Zbrush about two and a half years ago. One and a half years later in the beginning of 2009 I started working as a Lecturer for Digital Sculpting at Qantm Institute, Munich. In addition to that, throughout 2009 I have taught several workshops on digital sculpting at SAE Institute Stuttgart, SAE Institute Munich and Qantm Institute Berlin.


My aim is to work as a designer and sculptor for the games industry, focussing on creatures and characters. I prefer to invent my own designs, but I can realise concept designs as well. In addition to my skills in high-poly sculpting I also have knowledge about the more technical side of gamecharacter-modeling specifically poly-modeling, proper topology, uv's, texture maps etc. My main tools at the moment are: Zbrush3.5R3, Modo401, 3dsmax2010, Topogun and Photoshop, but I constantly strive to learn new tools to enhance my workflow and skills.


Joining your company will allow me to develop in a professional environment and team, and to finally follow my desire to create creatures and characters for a living. I believe I can contribute to your artistic output through creativity and style.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.